Industry Shifting Innovation

Did they think rebranding a “commercial break” to an “ad pod” was innovation? VideoByte’s platform solves industry pain points by focusing on improving advertising effectiveness and enhancing viewers' experience by unifying contextual, data science and bid algorithms.

Brand Moment IQ

Imagine you are streaming a show, your favorite character says “Let's order food…” and a food delivery ad is intelligently placed in that scene. Brand moment IQ allows buyers to choose THE perfect moment for their ads based on scene sentiment, entities and key topics and phrases, a best match for the viewer and brand. We call it Brand Moment IQ but it’s really brand moment magic.


It's kind of like reverse camouflage meets uninterrupted streaming. Ad Frame creates attention bursts and keeps viewers watching in a continued viewing experience. When viewers aren’t pulled away from content by an ad break their attention generates higher engagement, brand recall and completion rates. We built the first of its kind integrated ad stream delivery, enabling monetization while keeping users engaged and watching their favorite content.


When you bid on “Coastal Travel” and you get SpongeBob SquarePants. Ok, we’ll say it, today’s contextual is not all that it is cracked up to be. Luckily, our newly minted technology utilizes proprietary AI and machine learning to analyze new paths and enrich bids with accurate, granular, contextual metadata. That means buyers can bid confidently and publishers get increased fill, CPMs and bid visibility.

Industry Shifting Innovation POP QUIZ

What do you get when you combine the intelligent placement of Brand Moment IQ with the attention bursts and uninterrupted viewing of Ad Frame and a way to accurately signal it all with Contextual True Bid?

  • a An elevated viewing experience optimized for monetization
  • b A way for publishers to anoint their inventory and buyers to see it
  • c Buyers delivering messaging to relevant and engaged audiences
  • d All of the above! (you knew it was coming)
Answer: d - did you really need to check that?

A Truly Proficient Platform

With each hand polished platform facet our mission is to provide our broadcasters and publishers the most innovative, capable and easy to use CTV platform so they can focus on what they do best; making quality content that entertains.


Align video ads with content to maximize yield and ensure brand safety


Dynamic Server Side Ad Insertion for programmatic scale.


Unique, non-competitive, frequency capped ads in a pod built for optimization.

Capture Innovative Ad Performance