So you’ve heard about contextual and you’re interest is piqued. Well, you’re in the right place! VideoByte has partnered with IRIS.TV, the leading video data platform, to unlock video-level contextual and brand-safe targeting on CTV and OLV through VideoByte's platform!

It's kind of a big deal. IRIS.TV suppy decoration enables contextual intelligence providers to offer buy-side contextual segmentation and targeting.

Publishers on VideoByte's platform get IRIS.TV instantly, out of the box, with the contextual segments embedded natively, no integration required! In short, publishers get their content decorated with contextual data increasing bid visibility and overall CPMs. This data can be transacted on programmatically, via PMP and with direct deals; accelerating inventory into high dollar contextual buyers.

We are the easy button for contextual enablement. Staples would be proud.

Contextual, ya,
we’ve got that.